Life as a student at the ESITC Caen is rich and varied. Among the many clubs and associations covering sports, cultural, humanitarian or artistic activities, there is something to enable every student to find an opportunity for self-expression and fulfilment.

All these activities have been grouped into 5 associations.

Find out about the 5 main associations at the ESITC Caen.

ESITC Caen is located on campus 2 of the University of Caen Normandie (which has 25,000 students), a few minutes from the centre of the city and 15 minutes from the beaches. It is an exceptional environment academically, economically and for leisure activities, with university restaurants and accommodation, recreation and activity centres, sports facilities, etc.




ACEITC includes the office of engineering students (BDE), the office of sports (BDS) and the office of Arts (BDA).

The associatation coordinates student activities, cultural, sporting and humanitarian event without forgetting gala, discovery trips and weekends.

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  • The TEAM :


ACEITC includes 33 students in 4th year.
Through sports and humanitarian, cultural and festive activities,they aim to share some values witch are important to ESITC Caen and the world of construction as team spirit and cohesion.






  • School life :


Integration : This is the first event of the year organized by the BDE Team. This is an opportunity for new students to meet all promotions. Moreover, the integration allows you to learn the values of the school and understand the importance of extra-curricular life in the ESITC Caen school through sports activities, challenges and evenings.








The "WEC" : The Cohesion Weekend is THE EVENT of the third year. It allows integrating from technical or scientific fields to get to know students from the "prep-integrated".








Le gala : This event closes each year the graduation cermeony. It is the occasion for the ESITC students to come together a last time to celebrate their acheivement.

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 Ski holidays :  A ski week is organized every year in february to allow students to combine conviviality and outdoor activities.

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Le Carnaval : Every year, the school's students participate with a chariot in the largest student carnival in Europe. Last year, the student carnival gathered nearly 30,00 students.



  • The partners for the year 2016/2017 :

All the BDE Team thanks its partners for their confidence throughout the year.


Le Forum construction

Le Forum construction, organized promotional key events of construction with students and the general public. It also organizes weekly visits for students.
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La TEP Construction

La TEP Construction, puts students's skills in the service of companies and individuals, combining professionalism and solidarity
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La Réussite en cordées

La Réussite en cordées, is about academic achievement and the development of ambition in secondary schools.
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Solidarité Internationale

Solidarité Internationale Association aims to sent students in international humanitarian mission with projects related to constuction. 

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