Joining a ‘Grande Ecole’

Studying with us, you will be ensured a gateway to the fields of civil engineering and construction, both in France and abroad.

Students are selected through an application procedure involving two or three steps.

All candidates applying for a place at ESITC Caen will be interviewed individually. This exchange is an essential step in our selection process as the mark obtained represents 50% of the final grade given to the candidate.

It is part of the ESITC Caen’s desire to make human values an integral part of the technical and scientific skills judged for entrance to the school.

This interview allows candidates to express their reasons for wanting to work in the field and enables the school to detect and encourage students in aiming for diversity of know-how, development of their culture, open-mindedness and curiosity.


Apply from abroad

The procedure for applicants who do not reside in France depends on the situation with regard to visa issues : 

I live in the following countries :
Algeria - Argentina - Benin - Brazil - Burkina Faso - Cameroon - Chile - China - Colombia - Congo Brazzaville - South Korea - Cote d'Ivoire - United States - Gabon - Guinea - India - Japan - Lebanon - Madagascar - Mali - Morocco - Mauritius - Mexico - Peru - Senegal - Russia - Syria - Taiwan - Tunisia - Turkey - Vietnam
I live in another country

I have to make a visa application

Process B Process C

I already have a visa valid for the academic year 2016-2017

Process C Process C
I don’t need visa Process C Process C
In parallel you should contact the French Embassy in your country to know and do the visa application procedure.

Process B

The procedure for applying to ESITC Caen is:
1) In connection with your Campus France Agency and on the website Campus France (from your country of residence or general), before the 31 March 2017 do the following:
• Registration
• Complete and validate the form
• Register your application to our institution
• Deposit the paper file and pay administration costs
• Evaluation interview (in some agencies this interview can take place after March 31)
2) Once these first steps have been completed, the ESITC Caen will have access to your full file for review by the Jury. If the jury gives a favorable response to your application, you will be scheduled for one or more interviews regarding your motivation (possible by videoconference) and possibly written tests. 
3) You will get the definitive answer regarding your admission on the website of Campus France in your home country.
To access the General Campus France website,  click here

Process C

The procedure takes place in two steps. First you need to return the application form filled in and completed accompanied by the requested documents. This file will be presented to a jury. This jury will decide what action to give each application and may decide that  the candidate should take written tests and one or more interviews by videoconference. 
To download the file, click here

Entry Level

The conditions of admission to the master’s program in engineering are the same as for French students. Candidates are selected by competition based on the entrance level.

Degree or type of training qualifying to apply Level
Bac S (Graduating from a highschool science program)

1st year
Second year of preparatory classes for French Engineering school 3rd year
Intermediate higher education degree
3rd year
1st or 2nd year of  a Master’s program in Civil Engineering 

4th year