ESITC Caen is committed!

In order to rise to the challenge which aims to guarantee a balance between economic growth, social equity and respect for the environment, ESITC Caen has been working on continuous improvement for a number of years now. This approach is focused on the school’s operation, its social policy and its lines of research.


Green Plan

On the initiative of the ‘Grandes Ecoles’ conference and conference of University Presidents, the reference Green Plan was created in order to enable higher education establishments to reply to the obligation of implementing a sustainable development approach.

ESITC Caen is heavily implicated in sustainable development and our Green Plan is currently being drawn up.

In line with the European Strategy for Sustainable Development, it covers 9 issues including ecological management of the establishment, the school’s social policy, teaching and research work. This plan provides the means to govern sustainable development at the school’s own level. Performance in all domains is tracked and the results published in order to enable the school’s objectives to be modified over time where necessary.

The actions, some of which have already been implemented, follow these lines:

  • Recycling, energy saving and zero waste
  • Training (specific courses) and awareness teaching
  • Publication of information aimed at the general public 

These actions are to be initiated over the whole school: administration/management, the laboratory and research, students and teaching.


The expertise possessed by the school’s research laboratory in terms of sustainable construction and eco-materials enables all of the ESITC Caen engineer students to benefit from the latest developments in research in this field from their 3rd year on.

Examples of some teaching courses: ‘Optimising energy use in buildings’, ‘Bio-climatic architecture and town planning’, An environmental approach applied to roadworks’, ‘Valorisation and recycling of construction materials’, ‘Offshore windfarms’.