With increasingly complex construction projects, all the more technically demanding, in a context of growing awareness of environmental issues, energy efficiency, renovation … 

Companies are now receiving requests for work in an ever-widening range of activities. They are subsequently all looking for engineers with a profile that will enable them to manage these complex projects.

In order to reply to these needs, ESITC Caen is permanently updating its ‘Sustainable construction’ training program, reinforcing its engineering courses (option in design/structure engineering, particularly in the field of works for MREs) and supporting its teaching with work in the research laboratory specialized in eco-materials.

ESITC Caen has also generalised the use of ‘Building Information Modelling’ and ‘Lean management’ in its courses.


The central element to our school

Present on the Administrative board, Professional Development Board and part of the former students network, ESITC’s partner companies accept students for work placements and apprenticeships, sit on juries, take part in teaching, sponsor year groups and extra-curricular activities and more...

All these aspects are deeply embedded into the teaching methods used at the school and offer the student-engineers hands-on training in sync with market expectations. This methodology no doubt explains the high level of entry into the labour market of young ESITC Caen engineers. 

R&D - Innovation

The ESITC Caen laboratories collaborate closely with companies through expert missions and applied and innovative R&D projects working on construction materials and eco-materials. The research team is renowned for its skills and capacity to reply to the needs if companies in the field of construction materials, not only in terms of the technical and environmental performances but also on an economical level. R&D missions generally include a state-of-the-art identification, an analysis of the specific nature of the issues encountered and proposals giving suitable technical solutions.

ESITC Caen abides by a confidentiality clause on a company’s request. Some companies can also request training for the company’s personnel in addition to the research project itself so as to help them make best use of the results obtained in their daily work.

Contact: M. BOUTOUIL, Dr, HDR., Director of Research
Tel. 02 31 46 23 06

Submit an offer (work placement or job)

You can send your job offer to us at the following mail address: relation.entreprises@esitc-caen.fr
If you are looking for an intern, please send your request to: scolarite@esitc-caen.fr

Information about work placements:
- Workman Internship: 4 weeks minimum (July-August)
- Language stay: must be  carried out in an English-speaking country with a 6 to 8 week period of work or 8 weeks within a 12 week period (July-August)
- Civil works manager placement : This work placement is the first supervised period of work in a company which the student will confronted with their future working environment. The trainee will be assigned to a works project and must gradually take on the role and responsibilities of a Works engineer. 12 weeks minimum (June-July-August)
- Design office placement: In the company’s Technical Design Office or Program Control Office and under the manager’s responsibility, the trainee will carry out or check dimensioning calculations for structures with a complex design base. 12 weeks minimum (June-July-August)
- Graduation project: Spread over a period of 5 to 6 months (February-July), this work involves a more extensive and often innovative project whose strict technical specifications guarantee that the activities confided to the trainee represent work on a real assignment.

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